'Isolation Dreams'
Energetic dreams filled the brains of Rebecca and millions of others during quarantine. 
These blocks of Waffle pattern combined with vivid colour and straight/curvy juxtaposition seeks to depict the strange feelings we were having at the time. 
'Observing Social Distancing'
These hand dyed, Mock Leno blocks in a calm, quiet, muted weave communicates a sense of distance between one another, showing absence, vibrance and loneliness within the human race when in isolation.  
'Flattening the Curve'
Flattening the Curve is a textile representation of the infection rate line graphs, showing the rise to the peak in the centre of the sample.
Floating yarns also represent these graphs. Colour variation shows the rise to a febrile state at the peak, as well as representing a range of countries. The back of the cloth is flat, suggesting the desired state of calm normality.                                        
This fabric embodies the subject of tactility at a time when touch is dangerous.
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